Editable Firearm Registration Form

Happy and Bountiful New Year Everyone! ☺

After posting my version of an Editable LTOPF Application Form for those like me who prefers keying-in the needed information in the computer before printing rather than doing it manually by pen and showcase my beautiful penmanship, I received so many requests for me to make an Editable Firearm Registration Form as well.

Fortunately I found a couple of lull minutes during this hectic Holiday Season which is just enough to grant the wishes of my fellow “bengbeng” community members. Here it is:

Editable Firearm Registration Form by TactiCooL on a Budget

  1. Click the above link
  2. Download the file
  3. Right click on the downloaded Zip file and click “Unzip” to get the PDF File.
  4. Open/Double click on EditableFARegForm.pdf
  5. and start keying-in your information

Note: for best results and compatibility, please download the latest Adobe Reader from their download page: https://get.adobe.com/reader/ as those using version 9 and earlier are having trouble saving to a file with inputted information.


[This file has been scanned by Virustotal.com with 0 malware/virus found. Click here for the result]

How can this file help you?

  • You can easily key-in your information directly to the PDF File without the need of special software/program.


  • Then Save it to a file so you can use it again sometime soon


  • Or Print the Application Form for Notarization and Submission


  • Or click “Clear Form” to erase all keyed-in information and start over.



And if this File is Useful for you, I would appreciate if you will click the Blue button and click LIKE on TactiCooL on a Budget’s Facebook page:



This is purely for the love of the Philippine “Beng Beng” Community. I hope this file could be of help to you as it did to me. I would love to get your inputs too if I miss any. Kindly email them to info@tacticooloab.com or send a message to our Facebook Page TactiCooL on a Budget and credits will be given to the contributors, of course!







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