Editable LTOPF Application Form

Two years have passed and its now time to renew our LTOPF. Yes! Its time to fill-up our favorite LTOPF Application Form once again. Do you dread filling up that form slowly and accurately so your records will have accurate information? What if I can help you make it a bit easier?


I dont really like filling-up forms because my handwriting is not very good (frustrated doctor, well just in handwriting! No offense meant to doctors) so I find ways to be able to make it easier for me to fill-out application forms and easier for the one who will read it too. Presenting:

Editable LTOPF Application Form by TactiCooL on a Budget

  1. Click the above link
  2. Download the file
  3. Right click on the downloaded Zip file and click “Unzip” to extract the PDF File.
  4. Open/Double click on EditableLTOPFApplicationForm.pdf
  5. and start keying-in your information

Note: for best results and compatibility, please download the latest Adobe Reader from their download page: https://get.adobe.com/reader/ as those using version 9 and earlier are having trouble saving to a file with inputted information.


[This file has been scanned by Virustotal.com with 0 malware/virus found. Click here for the result]


How can this file help you?

  • You can easily key-in your information directly to the PDF File without the need of special software/program.


  • Then Save it to a file so you can use it again sometime soon


  • Or Print the Application Form for Notarization and Submission


  • Or click “Clear Form” to erase all keyed-in information and start over.



And if this File is Useful for you, I would appreciate if you will click the Blue button and click LIKE on TactiCooL on a Budget’s Facebook page:



This is purely for the love of the Philippine “Beng Beng” Community. I hope this file could be of help to you as it did to me. I would love to get your inputs too if I miss any. Kindly email them to info@tacticooloab.com or send a message to our Facebook Page TactiCooL on a Budget and credits will be given to the contributors, of course!








December 21, 2017

  • Changed to Zip File Format so users can download directly.
  • Added a mini howto to guide how to extract the PDF file inside the Zip file.
  • Corrected some typos
  • Added Virustotal scan result link: https://goo.gl/JssYG9 to prove the file is clean.

December 25, 2017

  • Updated the file to EditableLTOPFApplicationFormV1.1.zip adding editable field in the “Subscribed and Sworn” part as requested by Mr. Boyet Del Rosario.
  • Updated Virustotal scan result link to https://goo.gl/ThxDZP for EditableLTOPFApplicationFormV1.1.zip
  • Added Adobe Reader download page link as version 9 or earlier users reported having trouble using the EditableLTOPFApplicationForm.pdf


  1. Hi there, pls see comments.
    1. The “SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN” portion is not allowing entries.
    2. When you click the “Save to File”, there’s error message which indicates “Data typed into this form will not be saved. Adobe Reader can only save a blank copy of this form”. Why does the program not allowing this? If in case I don’t have a printer and will just go to a computer shop to print this, I cannot utilize this and it will be useless only, right?


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